Advanced Fly Fishing Class

Already know what it takes to catch fish? Having issues deciding what fly works best when? These advanced classes will take your fly fishing to the next level.

Master the skills necessary to perform on any river.  From advanced entomology to casting techniques, our professional staff will build your skill level to the highest level.  Comprehensive instruction and experience will move you forward.  On-the-water classes, lasting 5-6 hours, are held in some of the more technical waters Colorado has to offer.  Whether you are looking for those winter fly fishing skills, still-water techniques, dry fly presentations, or nymphing tactics, our Advanced Fly Fishing class has a place for you!

Groups of 1-3 anglers-$150 per angler

Groups of 3-6 anglers-$120 per angler


*Fishing license, gratuity, flies, and lunch not included