Casting Clinic

New to fly fishing? Want to learn what it takes to catch fish on a fly rod? Colorado Fly Fishing Adventures offers casting clinics that tailor to your needs.  Our professional guides are patient and extremely knowledgeable in teaching beginners how to get the right start in fly fishing.  Clinics are held on the water, in a perfect setting for beginners and those looking to expand their casting skills.

Clinics are 1 or 2 hours long, and will help you become a more confident and better caster, skillful at tying necessary knots, and how to read the water better.  Contact The Hatch Fly Shop for more details or to reserve your spot in one the best clinics available.

Groups of 1-3 anglers-$65 per angler

Groups of 3-6 anglers-$55 per angler


*Fishing license, gratuity, flies, and lunch not included