Long Meadow Ranch

Long Meadow Ranch is trophy Colorado trout fishing at its finest. Long Meadow, Boxwood Gulch’s upstream neighboring ranch, offers some of the best private fly fishing in the state with a substantial amount of water to fish. The property contains over 2 miles of diverse river characteristics including runs, riffles, bends, deep pools, and back eddies. Many anglers fish for a whole day and never cover all of the water Long Meadow has to offer. While Long Meadow doesn’t have a clubhouse like Boxwood, it is believed by many that the biggest fish in the North Fork resides within the Long Meadow property boundaries. Big browns, rainbows, brookies, cutthroat, and cuttbows all inhabit this stretch of water and will eagerly take a well-presented fly. Stimulators, green drakes, and hoppers will all bring fish to the surface during the summer months, while nymphs work well year round. Come join us at Long Meadow Ranch for high quality private water fishing including over 2 miles of river access and BIG FISH!!!

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of Anglers
of Guides
1 1 $475
2 1 $500
3 1 $560
3 2 $700
4 2 $730
5 2 $830
6 2 $940
6 3 $1055
7 4 $1155
8 4 $1275
8 5 $1375

Do you have 6 or more people in your group? Reserve Boxwood and Long Meadow- over 3 miles of private fishing water for around $200 per person (Scroll to Boxwood & Long Meadow section for more information)