North Fork Ranch

P1040303With a short 1 hour commute from Denver, The North Fork Ranch offers some of the best private water available.  The picturesque water offers anglers a comfortable section of water on the North Fork of the South Platte, spanning just over 1/2 mile of fishable water.  The North Fork Ranch has spent countless hours manicuring this property to bring fish and angler together without the hassle of snagging willows and trees.  Deep holes have been arranged by the perfect placement of boulders, providing ideal habitat for trout.  Enjoy an amazing meal provided by the ranch or by our guides, and eat in serenity overlooking the river.  There is a plethora of fish loaded into this section of water, Rainbow trout are caught the most, with Brown, Cutthroat, and Brook trout also available. The average trout here is 3 pounds, between 18-22 inches, with the chance at hooking into a trout over 6 pounds.P1040305