Rugby as a tool for personal growth

Rugby is a team game par excellence, respect, loyalty, esteem, confidence and although there is a lot of physical confrontation, there is no violence. In addition, rugby gives confidence, teaches respect for the opponent, during and after the match. The final farewell to the other team is one of the... Read more

Some benefits of sport on the body and mind

Exercising is the best medicine.  It is good for body and mind.  Whether you prefer individual sports or team sports, the benefits of physical activity are endless and are a great reason to get off the couch and get active at least twice a week.  Discover in this article the benefits of sport on the... Read more

The benefits of artistic gymnastics

Artistic gymnastics is a specialty of gymnastics recognized as an Olympic sport and practiced individually by men and women. The athlete who practices this sport defines himself as a gymnast and engages in various practices during his career, or different types of exercises that involve the use of c... Read more

Everything you need to know about rhythmic gymnastics

An Olympic discipline for groups, individuals or pairs, rhythmic gymnastics has enjoyed growing success for several years, thanks also to the brilliant results obtained by gymnasts around the world. Discover, in this article, the importance of rhythmic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics and children Rh... Read more

Differences between artistic and rhythmic gymnastics

An inexperienced gymnastics beginner must learn to recognize the main differences between artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics in order to appreciate the movements with physical strength, elasticity and coordination. If you still don’t know which discipline to choose for you or your dau... Read more