Everything you need to know about rhythmic gymnastics

An Olympic discipline for groups, individuals or pairs, rhythmic gymnastics has enjoyed growing success for several years, thanks also to the brilliant results obtained by gymnasts around the world. Discover, in this article, the importance of rhythmic gymnastics.

Rhythmic gymnastics and children

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sporting activity that offers many benefits to those who practice it. Improves physical structure and flexibility. The various exercises underlying this discipline contribute to muscle strengthening and the development of elasticity. In addition, it stimulates the metabolism and promotes good rest. Promotes concentration being a sport that requires precise programming, it stimulates memory and attention by making the body work both physically and mentally. It stimulates coordination. In addition to developing hearing, rhythmic gymnastics requires good musical coordination to perform movements in time with the music. It increases self-esteem. By practicing rhythmic gymnastics, children stay active, develop proprioception, self-esteem and self-confidence. Likewise, they learn the value of mutual aid, relationships with others and a sense of duty.

But what can you learn by practicing rhythm?

Girls who take up this sport first learn to play with tools like the hoop and the ball. Then they learn the basics of the free body like cartwheels, splits, bridge, jumps, turns, somersaults. They perform short sequences to the rhythm of the music, dance steps and a simple grip with the tool. Then those with the numbers continue into advanced and competitive courses, and from there a more structured and exciting path begins. The complexity of this sport can be seen in the physique developed by the athletes who practice it. They enter the platform with a balloon or a ribbon and are beautiful, elegant, toned, lively, powerful and expressive. We learn from an early age to be complete athletes. The muscle bands are stretched stimulating the relaxation of the lower limbs and the back, always compensating with exercises that strengthen the body, which strengthen and increase the muscles to be able to perform jumps and balance perfectly. Then, there is a particular and constant work of coordination with the tool such as throws, catches, falls, rolls, turns, prills, spirals, eight movements, jumps, hops, crossings.

Differences between artistic and rhythmic gymnastics

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The benefits of artistic gymnastics

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Some benefits of sport on the body and mind

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Rugby as a tool for personal growth

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